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The John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition hosts more business schools than ever before

FEB 23-29: 28 teams from around the world are coming to Montreal for the largest event of its kind
February 13, 2020
By Candice Pye

The John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition organizing committee for 2019-2020. The John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition organizing committee for 2019-2020.

For the first time in almost 10 years, the John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (JMUCC) is expanding. Twenty-eight of the best business schools from around the world are coming together in Montreal from February 23 to 29 to exercise their skills and help solve problems for local businesses. That’s four more schools than ever before.

As in past years, a dynamic student-led organizing committee is putting together the 2020 edition of JMUCC. Elena Sarsam, vice-president of public relations and sponsorship, says there is a lot of pressure on them to ensure that the competition runs smoothly, considering the expanded number of competitors.

“But this is going to be the biggest and boldest edition of JMUCC yet,” Sarsam adds. “We have incredible cases, talented delegates, unbelievable sponsors and a host of passionate volunteers.”

According to Sarsam, the competition has always run smoothly and with a tight schedule. Students who participate are given the opportunity to test their academic abilities, and volunteers get to witness international talent firsthand and learn what it takes to run a case competition.

‘We hope to build long-lasting relationships’

“The purpose of JMUCC is to challenge the minds of the next generation of business leaders,” Sarsam explains. “By providing them with varied and dynamic cases, we aim to challenge their creativity, critical thinking and presentation skills.”

At last year’s competition, a team from Queen’s University won first place.

Alessandro Bottero, one of four winning team members, says the competition both strengthened his case skills and allowed him to build international friendships.

“Attending JMUCC was an amazing experience,” he notes. “The cases are structured in a way that pushes you to think creatively and adapt as you work through them.”

This year, the competition will feature five different cases and require participants to come up with a unique solution for each one.

“Ultimately, by bringing together some of the brightest and most promising undergraduate business students, we hope to build long-lasting relationships between the leaders of tomorrow,” Sarsam says.

All members of the Concordia community and the general public are invited to watch the presentations. The competition will take place at both the John Molson Building (MB) on Sir George Williams Campus and Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel. For those who cannot attend in person, a live stream will be available through the official JMUCC website.

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