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Concordia's president: 'I will continue to champion this great university'

A farewell message from Alan Shepard to faculty, staff and students
June 19, 2019
By Alan Shepard


Dear Concordians,

As my time at Concordia nears its end, I wanted to send a note of farewell and thanks.

Concordians and Montrealers welcomed my family and me with open arms in 2012. Thank you.

To Concordia students, you impress me daily with your creativity, your energy, your devotion to making the world a better place. While it is Concordia’s goal to guide you as you become a next generation we can all be proud of, in equal measure, year after year, your spirit helps our university evolve.

To my faculty and staff colleagues, my thanks for your passion and your commitment to our students – essential elements of the great teaching and research we do and projects we’ve launched. The many initiatives that flow from our Strategic Directions and The Campaign for ConcordiaNext Gen. Now will help lift a generation and beyond. Without your talent and tenacity, none of this happens.

And to the Board of Governors, I am deeply grateful for your guidance and trust. This balance created the right climate for all of us to pursue our vision for Concordia together.

Wherever I go, I will continue to champion this great university in which we can all take pride.

Alan Shepard



Watch a video message from Alan Shepard:

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