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A new way to enhance the student experience

Calling all staff and faculty! Join the Navigator Program and help Concordians on their path to success
January 8, 2018
By Christian Durand


Concordia is a large university with many services available to help students succeed. But for some, figuring out where to go when they need resources isn’t always easy.

The Navigator Program is a personalized service designed to enhance the student experience. It matches students with volunteer staff and faculty members who can answer their questions, recommend resources and send them information about important dates and events taking place at Concordia.

Once matched with a student, navigators will be there for them throughout their Concordia journey.

Staff and faculty who are interested in joining the program as volunteers complete a short training program, then join a listserv where they can share information with, and ask questions of, other volunteers.

Navigators come from every unit of the university, which means colleagues can answer their questions quickly and accurately. They will also receive regular emails with important dates and information that can be passed on to students.

Visit the program web page to find out more about how to become a navigator, or email


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