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Concordia’s Smoke-Free Environment Policy gets an update 

The university plans an educational campaign to support it
December 20, 2017
By S. Baker

Gabriella Szabo: “A slip isn’t a failure, it’s a temporary step back.” Gabriella Szabo: “A slip isn’t a failure, it’s a temporary step back.”

To support the latest edition of Concordia’s Smoke-Free Environment Policy, the university will be launching an awareness and educational campaign in 2018 focused on informing smokers about the existing policy and advising them about smoking cessation services available on campus.

Implemented last year, the nine-metre smoke-free zone has been expanded to include areas around windows that open, building air intakes and all entrances.

Unsure if you’re in a smoke-free zone? Look around. Stickers have been placed on university doors, around buildings and in front of ventilation systems to define the areas.

The new educational component of the Smoke-Free Environment Policy is designed to bring Concordia in line with the Government of Quebec’s Tobacco Control Act. This act requires that colleges and universities across the province focus on discouraging young people from smoking.

Working with students, the university will develop an educational video about Concordia’s Smoke-Free Environment Policy, Quebec’s Tobacco Control Act and smoking cessation.

Repeat offenders caught smoking in a prohibited place will be asked to watch this video.

Looking to quit? Concordia Health Services provides students, staff and faculty with free one-on-one smoking cessation counselling from health promotion specialists.

Learn more about Concordia's Smoke-Free Environment Policy and smoking cessation services.


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