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COMING SOON: TeamMTL's deep-performance dwelling!

On June 12, Concordia and McGill students start assembling Canada’s entry for the 2018 Solar Decathlon China
June 12, 2017
By Andy Murdoch

Michael Jemtrud: “We’re educating the best and brightest young thinkers from our community.” Michael Jemtrud: “We’re educating the best and brightest young thinkers from our community.”

As of today, it’s officially underway.

Test assembly of the net-zero energy Deep-Performance Dwelling (DPD) has begun on Concordia’s Loyola Campus.  

Designed and realized by TeamMTL, the structure is Canada’s sole entry in the 2018 Solar Decathlon China. It’s a collaborative effort between students and faculty from McGill University and Concordia.

Reaching the test assembly stage is a milestone in the long journey to the competition, which will be held in July 2018 in Dezhou, Shandong Province.

"We are extremely grateful to the dozens of dedicated people who have come together to make this possible,” says Michael Jemtrud, faculty lead and associate professor at the McGill School of Architecture.

A hands-on summer project

Construction of the dwelling is taking place in the Terrebonne parking lot (P5) next to the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall. The prototype will live there throughout the summer.

“We’re very pleased to host this stage of the project at Concordia,” says Justin Powlowski, interim vice-president of Research and Graduate Studies. 

“The DPD is an exciting collaboration between our two universities. It’s a great opportunity for students to apply their technical skills at this crucial step. I look forward to seeing them in action this summer!”


Building the home of the future

At the work site, students on the team are anxious to get their hands dirty. They’ve taken a summer construction course at McGill and received health and safety training from the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST).

"It’s exciting to see the team’s efforts finally materialize,” says Alex Gareau, a Concordia civil engineering undergrad and a key member of the project management team.

“I can’t wait for construction to begin. I’ve been talking about this amazing project for the past year and I’m eager to share the final product,” he adds.

“The way I see it, my mandate is to help the project progress smoothly, from handling site logistics to coordinating and harmonizing the efforts of the team’s various crews.”

Likewise, Jules Beauchamp-Desbiens, a fourth-year Concordia design student, has been working with the team since the beginning. He will lay the home’s foundation, constructing its prefabricated envelope, exterior cladding, roofing and balconies.

“To be out there building is both challenging and inspiring, but we have reached the most gratifying stage. Building the home of the future will be an unforgettable experience.”

‘A complex, extraordinary project’

Forty students are currently working on the many aspects of the project, from architecture and design, to engineering, finance and communications.

After the base and exterior structure of the home are complete, the team will focus on refining the interior. This includes adding furniture and integrating interactive media components, which inform residents of consumption patterns and their environmental impacts.

By mid-July, the team hopes to begin offering tours to the public. It will serve as a chance for them to demonstrate TeamMTL’s vision of sustainable urban living and high-performance construction techniques.

Inspired by the archetypal Montreal row house, the dwelling is designed to be adaptable and flexible for the contemporary urban family. Its ambitious design addresses the pressing global need for affordable, low-impact and dense urban housing.

“It’s a complex, extraordinary project for the students and faculty involved,” says Jemtrud.

“We’re continuing to bring together numerous public and private sector partners with deep shared concerns for building a sustainable world. At the same time, we’re educating the best and brightest young thinkers and doers from our community.”

Follow real-time updates and news about summer tours and events on the 
TeamMTL website and through their social media accounts (@teammontreal).


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