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‘Have fun with your pictures and don’t be afraid to explore!’

Marie Catherine Serrano is Concordia's new student Instagram curator
March 8, 2017
By The Concordia Social Media Team


“It’s important to look up from our phones every day and capture the beauty that is around us,” says Concordia undergraduate Marie Catherine Serrano. 

In her role as student Instagrammer for March, Serrano has made it her mission to do just that.

The first-year psychology student in the Faculty of Arts and Science is particularly interested in capturing outdoor views of both the Loyola and Sir George Williams campuses.

#CUseenby is a student-powered Instagram curation program. Every month, a new student is invited to capture the heart and soul of the university, and to share with followers of the Concordia Instagram account their view of its people, programs, activities and experiences.

Follow Serrano’s journey via the #CUseenby hashtag.


‘Perspective is important’

Why did you want to be Concordia's Instagram curator? 

To challenge myself, explore the campus and share my photos with fellow students. I take pictures of my surroundings and love to look around and capture what I’m seeing at the moment. I like to include nature and many colours in my shots. Pictures allow us to take in the beauty of our everyday lives.

What do you hope to do with the Concordia Instagram account?

I hope to encourage students to explore their university environment. I believe it’s important to break from our busy student lives for a bit and discover what’s around us. I want to take pictures of outdoor scenic views and life around campus in general.

What are three or four of your favourite Instagram accounts?

  • @montreal_gallery is an account that features many beautiful Montreal views.
  • @vesia514 is a photographer who takes many unique shots of the city in all kinds of weather, and the colours that his photos capture are very vibrant.
  • @amelipstick takes some great pictures of new and old buildings around the city.
  • @princesspeachschnapps is a fellow Concordia Instagrammer of the month who takes some really great photos.

What tips do you have for Concordia students who are looking to make their Instagram accounts better, or just take great photos?

I find that to take a great picture, colour, lighting and perspective are important.

A picture looks much more interesting when it is taken from an angle such that the surroundings of your subject can be seen too. Pictures don’t always have to be centered.

Take several shots from different points of view to see what you think looks best. But most importantly, have fun with your pictures and don’t be afraid to explore!

Interested in becoming a student Instagram curator? Share your Concordia campus experience. Tag an Instagram photo with
#CUinstagram. If we like your stuff, we’ll be in touch!


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