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‘As a newcomer to Montreal, I was taken by its beauty’

Meet Andrew Kingsley, Concordia’s latest Instagram curator
November 10, 2016
By Concordia Social Media Team


November in Montreal is often cold, dark and dreary. It is a transition month: of seasons and in the mindset of students. The beautifully coloured leaves have mostly fallen. Halloween is over. Midterms are behind us and the final stretch to exams and end of term is underway.

Andrew Kingsley is this month’s Concordia student Instagram curator. As an international student hailing from India and Australia, he is interested in showcasing how the change of season is reflected in the overall atmosphere on campus at this time of year.

A grad student in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Kingsley has a particular interest in exploring outdoor scenes and architecture using time lapse, and showcasing students at work and play on campus.

Kingsley is the sixth participant in the student-powered Instagram curation program: #CUseenby. One student per month will get the chance to capture the heart and soul of our school and show followers of the Concordia University Instagram account their view of our campuses, people, programs, activities and experiences.

Follow Kingsley’s journey via the #CUseenby hashtag.

We sat down with Kingsley to find out why he was interested in participating in the program, what he hopes to showcase and to get a few tips on creating an engaging and active Instagram account. 


Why did you want to be Concordia's Instagram curator? 

As a newcomer to Montreal, I was taken by the beauty of the city. The smooth blend of culture, history and architecture had me stopping on every street to look at something interesting. Starting school in January also helped garnish the overall mystique and awe, as it was my first authentic Canadian winter experience.

I remember trudging down to the Old Port in the snow and spending a good part of my evenings exploring the city on foot, taking lots of pictures. I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that had literally stopped me in my tracks. The Instagram curator program seemed like an excellent platform for me to share my perspective on student life at Concordia and my experiences in Montreal in general. 

What do you hope to do with the Concordia Instagram account and why?

I'd like to explore the parallels between the change in season and the overall atmosphere that hangs above the campus this time of the year. I’d really like to explore student spaces, clubs and labs to catch a glimpse of Concordia students in their natural environment, whether building an aircraft or being an immersive part of the seasonal change on campus. 


What are your favourite Instagram accounts and why?

  1. @refinedmoment’s posts manage to capture a unique perspective of even the most mundane aspects of living and studying in Montreal. He manages to transform the subject or the architecture just by invoking a shift of perspective.

  2. @drone.mtl also runs an excellent feed, capturing Montreal from the air. I remember watching the drone cross over the river from Parc Jean-Drapeau to the Old Port to get a great shot.

  3. @assad_sathian is a fellow Concordia student who posts some really good content.

What tips do you have for Concordia students who are looking to optimize their Instagram accounts and/or take great photos?

Instagram is a really great platform to share experiences. The inbuilt editing tools are quite capable but there are really great apps out there like Snapseed and VSCO that can make your pictures stand out and allow you to put an artistic touch on them.

I like taking time lapses so I’d recommend checking out Lapseit. Camera FV is a great app that helps emulate long exposure shots on smartphone cameras.

Interested in becoming a student Instagram curator? Share your Concordia campus experience. Tag an Instagram photo with
#CUinstagram. If we like your stuff, we’ll be in touch!


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