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NOW OPEN: Phase 3 of the Webster library

Concordians get a dramatic new entryway, technology sandbox and more
February 27, 2017
By J. Latimer

Ambient music? Spoken word?

Intriguing audio clips greet students as they ascend the R. Howard Webster Library's new transitional staircase — a signature architectural feature of the building’s latest transformation phase at Concordia.

At the top of the stairs, a screen displays information about the selected recordings, making the trip up a learning experience.

“Phase 3 is open!” announces Guylaine Beaudry, university librarian.

“The new, experiential treatment of the staircase reflects the size and scope of the library’s overall transformation. Plus, it signals a psychological shift to a more quiet mindset.”

This third phase of the Webster Library Transformation focuses on LB-2, or the first floor of the library, providing 450 additional study seats, including three silent reading rooms, four group study rooms, a collaborative space and more.

Once students enter the library, they immediately encounter another new feature: four “Ask Us!” individual consultation pods, staffed by librarians and staff.

Each pod is equipped with 27-inch screens on articulated, rotatable arms. People are encouraged to bring all of their research and service questions to helpers at the pods.

Play in the new technology sandbox

Paul Fournier is manager of information systems and technology at the Library.

He explains that the sandbox is a place where the Concordia community can try out emerging technologies and cutting-edge equipment.

“People can learn about 3D printing, electronics or digital music by attending one of the eight initial workshops,” Fournier adds.

“They can explore virtual reality with headsets we provide, or use our digital die cutter to create a vinyl decal. It's a place where everyone can learn by doing, by making, by playing and by sharing knowledge.”

Cameras, an oscilloscope and Lego

Jasia Stuart, library technology analyst and one of the specialists working in the sandbox, is thrilled with the variety of equipment available to the Concordia community.

“We have so much — from 360-degree video cameras and synthesizer kits to a DSLR camera with a Rode microphone,” says Stuart, who will be leading the majority of the workshops.

“We have a Lego Mindstorms set and an oscilloscope, as well as more everyday things like Android tablets, gaming laptops and even a sewing machine.”

Initially, the technology sandbox will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The hours are subject to change later in the term.

They’ll fill up pretty quickly, so register for a Technology Sandbox Workshop today.

Find out more about the 
Webster Library Transformation Project.

The completion of Phase 4, the final phase, is scheduled for fall 2017.



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