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Concordia updates its procedures for alcohol at internal community events

Changes will affect planning for faculty and staff events — here’s how
October 19, 2016
By Jesse Coady

Starting October 24, faculty and staff who wish to hold events and small gatherings on campus where alcohol is available will need to adhere to Concordia’s updated alcohol procedures.  

Under the new regulations university employees will no longer be permitted to buy alcohol directly from the SAQ and other outlets; instead, alcohol will have to be tagged with a permit number from the university bar inventory.

In order to comply with the regie’s regulations, all events serving alcohol will also be required to provide invitation lists on-site and must be by invitation only.

University-approved licensed caterers such as Agnus Dei, Avec Plaisirs, G Catering and Julien-Leblanc, who are responsible for obtaining their own alcohol permit, are an alternative choice and must be booked 20 business days prior to an event.

These changes, developed over the last several months, were made to bring Concordia’s internal alcohol procedures in line with Quebec’s Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux regulations.

According to the régie, if a university owns a permanent bar permit — which Concordia does through Recreation and Athletics on the Loyola Campus — then all of its internal alcohol-related events must be subject to it.

As a result, the university’s alcohol policy, alcohol waiver forms and the responsibilities and procedures regarding the sale and service of alcohol on campus have been revised to reflect these changes.

Student and external events will not be affected, as they do not fall under the university’s permit. They will continue to apply for their own alcohol permits directly from the régie.

Marie-Josée Allard, director of Hospitality Concordia, explains that an online form has been created to help facilitate the ordering process for faculty and staff who are organizing events. “Clients can now purchase their alcohol from the convenience of their offices,” she says.

“They only need to fill out an alcohol form using MyEvents in the MyConcordia portal 10 business days prior to the event. From there, the alcohol coordinator will contact the clients, process all requests and ensure the delivery and pickup of their orders.”

Hospitality Concordia will manage the university bar inventory through Concordia’s permit at Loyola. Those who wish to use this option will receive a prepared Notice of a Reception through Hospitality Concordia, which temporarily extends the permit to the location of the event.

To facilitate transition to the new system, Concordia is extending a grace period for events already confirmed and taking place prior to November 25. The new procedures will apply to any events that are booked or scheduled after October 24.

Find out more about how to organize a Faculty/Staff event where alcohol is available.

If you have questions or require further information regarding a specific alcohol-related event you are planning on campus, contact: or call 514-848-2424 ext 4043.


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