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When it comes to taking great Instagram pics, ‘simplicity is key’

Meet Tim Daggs, the latest contributor to Concordia's student-powered photo-sharing initiative
September 8, 2016
By Concordia Social Media Team


One of the top reasons people come to visit and live in Montreal is its thriving arts scene. This is a theme that Concordia’s September Instagram curator, Tim Daggs, wants to showcase during his month behind the lens.

The second-year undergraduate, who’s studying theatre at Concordia, is interested in photographing the university’s different Fine Arts departments and sharing some of the interesting and creative work being produced by students and faculty.

In particular, he would like to explore Concordia’s place within the broader city’s fine arts landscape.  


Daggs is the fourth participant in the recently launched student-powered Instagram curation program: #CUseenby. One student per month will get the chance to capture the heart and soul of our school and show followers of the Concordia University Instagram account their view of our campuses, people, programs, activities and experiences.

Follow Daggs’s journey via the #CUseenby hashtag.

We sat down with him to find out why he was interested in participating in the program, what he hopes to showcase and to get a few tips on creating an engaging and active Instagram account. 


Why did you want to be Concordia's Instagram curator? 

Tim Daggs: Well, I thought it would be really fun. I love taking pictures of pretty things, and Concordia is filled with pretty things.

What do you hope to do with the Concordia Instagram account and why?

TD: I hope to add on to the already great work that's been put up by the curators before me; if I could match that, I'd be set.


What are three or four of your favourite Instagram accounts and why?


  1. @cservay – I just love the intensity of the colours in his pictures.
  2. @doiseecolor – I love the simplicity of his photos.
  3. @djdumpling – I think he's incredibly creative and ever-so-slightly provocative, which I appreciate immensely.
  4. @ritchieollie – he's adorable and very talented.

What tips do you have for Concordia students who are looking to optimize their Instagram accounts and take great photos?

TD: Simplicity is key, at least for me. Just start out by taking pictures of anything and everything you find interesting and then messing around with some really cool (and free) editing apps is an easy way to create photos and scenes that you're proud of. I use VSCO and snapseed the most.

Interested in becoming a student Instagram curator? Share your Concordia campus experience. Tag an Instagram photo with
#CUinstagram. If we like your stuff, we’ll be in touch!


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