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Concordia University Library: 'A singular vision'

This week's name change reflects the inclusivity and diversity of platforms and services
September 1, 2016
By James Roach

On September 1, Concordia University Libraries officially becomes the Concordia University Library, a hub for research, learning, collaboration and innovation — all made possible by one dedicated library team.

Guylaine Beaudry, university librarian, explains that while it was previously known as Concordia Libraries to echo its span of properties across two campuses, today the value of academic libraries extends far beyond their physical walls.

The Concordia Library has a single vision, she adds: to inspire and engage students and faculty with outstanding services, spaces and collections, and support academic success by facilitating the creation and advancement of knowledge and lifelong learning.

“Under this singular umbrella, we have one library team, one library management system, one print and digital catalogue, Special Collections, Spectrum — the university’s institutional repository — and the Concordia University Press, which is set to launch in October."

The library name change, from plural to singular, is especially relevant today, Beaudry says, as it reflects the inclusivity and diversity of platforms and services that the institution offers its community.

To learn more about how the Concordia Library assists undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty, take a look at its strategic plan and annual report.  

The Concordia University Library team welcomes feedback and suggestions on how it can further support your academic success. 


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