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What’s behind international terror, Trump’s victory and Black Lives Matter?

An elective in Concordia’s Sociology and Anthropology Department this winter can help make sense of our complex world
December 13, 2016
By Christian Durand

As we look back on the year it’s been, it’s clear 2016 has been tumultuous.

Donald Trump is now the President of the United States and Times’ ‘Person of the Year’. Seemingly indiscriminate international terror continues to spread. We’ve also seen growing social movements like #blacklivesmatter aimed at combatting racism in North America and subsequent backlashes such as #alllivesmatter and #bluelivesmatter.

Perhaps it’s no wonder many on social media are ready to say good riddance to the year that was, and struggling to make sense of it all.

Such phenomena don’t occur in a vacuum. If you’re an undergraduate student interested in understanding these trends and what can be done to improve society, consider registering for an elective through the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

“These are perfect classes for anyone wishing to learn about social and cultural phenomena and theories about them,” says Aaron Brauer, undergraduate programs director for the department. “Particularly now, in this time of conflict, austerity and collective action, it’s important that students round out their education with this type of knowledge.”

Brauer says even if you’re studying hard sciences, taking classes in sociology and anthropology will develop your analytical thinking and writing skills, which will help you during your academic career, and beyond.

“Graduates today should know who they will be integrating with when they enter the workforce,” he adds. “A background in sociology and anthropology will help them understand how and why they tick.”

The following courses are being offered this winter. Please note that there are some prerequisites but these can be waived depending on what other courses you have completed.

ANTH 270/4 A – Anthropology and Contemporary Issues
ANTH 385/4 A – Globalization and Transnationality  
SOCI 203/4 B – Introduction to Society (NEW section added)
SOCI 333/4 A  – Political Sociology
SOCI 336/4  B – Collective Action  
SOCI 341/4  A – Sociology of the Media  
SOCI 342/4 A  – Sociology of Occupations
SOCI 358/4 A  – Social Demography
SOCI 362/4  AA – Crime and Justice
SOCI/ANTH 363/4 B  – Law and Society 

This winter the department will for the first time also offer SOCI/ANTH 498: The Sociology and Anthropology of Austerity, a new cross-listed course. This special topics course will investigate the cultural, political and economic underpinnings of austerity and explore the implications of how this concept has been mobilized in reshaping the conduct of various groups and individuals.

The department is also offering for the first time another special topics course, SOCI 398: The Sociology of Addictions. This course will examine addictions in light of sociological theories and tap into current social issues, like the legalization of cannabis in Canada and the concentration of gambling in low income neighborhoods.

To register for an elective in sociology and anthropology, please consult your MyConcordia portal.



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