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Check your exam schedule and grades the quick and easy way

Concordia's self-service dashboard streamlines both processes
November 25, 2015
By Tom Peacock

It’s exam season at Concordia, which means it’s time to begin reviewing all the academic material you’ve covered so far this term.

It’s also a good idea to consult the relevant how-to guides on your Student Information System (SIS) Student Hub to learn your way around the self-service dashboard: one explains how to view your personalized exam schedule, and another shows you how to view your grades.

View your personalized exam schedule

To find out where and when your exams are happening, first log into the MyConcordia portal, then click on “My Student Centre,” located on the upper left-hand side of the screen to access your self-service dashboard. 

If you have been approved to write an alternate exam due to a conflict in your schedule, you can also view the date/time and location of your alternate exam on your “My Student Centre.”

Under Academics click the “other academic…” drop-down menu and select “Exam Schedule.” Once “Exam Schedule” is selected, click the “>>” button to view your own personalized details.

You can also access your exam schedule under “My Important Links” on the bottom right-hand side of the “My Student Centre” page.

View your grades

After you’ve completed your term assignments and exams, you’ll want to have a look at your grades. Once again, log into the MyConcordia Portal and click on “My Student Centre” to access your self-service dashboard. 

Under the Academics section, select “Grades” from the drop-down menu and then click on the “Go” arrow to proceed. Select the term that you want to view grade information for and click “Continue.” 

You can view the grades for each of the classes in the academic term selected, as well as your GPA information. You can view grade distribution information for each class by clicking the “Grade Distribution” tab. 

To change the term that you are viewing, click on “Change Term” and go back to step 2.

Find out more about the Student Information System how-to guides available on Concordia’s Student Hub.


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