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Dispatches from Ann-Marie MacDonald

VIDEO: the Mordecai Richler 2015 Writer in Residence shares her reflections
February 29, 2016

Award-winning Canadian author Ann-Marie MacDonald is spending eight weeks in a quiet space on Concordia’s downtown Sir George Williams Campus, which contains Mordecai Richler's desk, his typewriter, many of his books and personal items.

The Richler family and Concordia University established the Mordecai Richler Reading Room in 2013. Richler attended Sir George Williams from 1949 to 1951, then acted as writer-in-residence in 1968 and 1969.

In this series of video dispatches, MacDonald talks about the Montreal writer's legacy and writing then and now.

Dispatch 1: The writer settles in

Ann-Marie MacDonald, Mordecai Richler 2015 Writer in Residence, muses on settling in to her new digs:

Dispatch 2: Generation tough

Writing is a physical thing — check in with Ann-Marie MacDonald about writing then and now:

Dispatch 3: Too sexy for my books

It's the next dispatch from Ann-Marie MacDonald, on the writer's library, and the reviews that call you sexy:

Dispatch 4: Famous First Words

Ann-Marie MacDonald on the magic and puzzle of first lines in fiction — when does the writer get spare?

Dispatch 5: Writer’s Sporting Life

Ann-Marie MacDonald plays with language and hockey, facing the Rocket and more.

Dispatch 6: Let’s Go There – Men, Women, Cigars, Richler

Ann-Marie MacDonald on why Richler and women is a very complex topic….

Dispatch 7: Out From Underwood

Ann-Marie MacDonald hears excerpts from a masterclass with students in the Department of English.

Part i:

Part ii:

Dispatch 8: The Apprenticeship of...

Ann-Marie MacDonald on The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.


Find out more about the Mordecai Richler 2015 Writer in Residence.


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