Got iPhone 6s envy? Find solace in 4 free Concordia-connected apps

These techie tools make it easier to vote, eat right, stay safe and learn English
September 9, 2015
By J. Latimer

iPhone 6S | Photo courtesy of Apple

iOS aficionados watched today's Apple event with bated breath. What's a "live photo"? And how about that 12-megapixel rear camera? Don't even mention the iPad Pro and 3D Touch technology...

But whether or not you're dreaming of an iPhone 6s, these four apps with a Concordia connection are free, easily accessible — and can improve your life on and off campus.



We all know to “eat in moderation,” but in term-time, who can keep track?

An app, that's who. The fitness guide and calorie counter MyFitnessPal includes the food provided by Aramark Canada across Concordia’s two campuses, at eight locations including Buzz Bistro and the Rez Café.

Concordians can use track their caloric consumption by choosing the specific Aramark menu items from a list. Shepherd’s Pie? 425 calories. Chicken fajitas? 277 calories.

MyFitnessPal keeps a daily total, divided by breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, tuck in! And try executive chef Daniel Poulin's favourite burger recipe at home, too.


Spaceteam ESL

Learning English as a second language is always a challenge, but thankfully Spaceteam ESL — set to launch on September 23, 2015 in the App Store and on Google Play — aims to make the process more enjoyable.

Created by David Waddington and Walcir Cardoso from Concordia’s Department of Education, Spaceteam ESL puts a linguistic spin on the hit multiplayer game Spaceteam, which currently boasts more than 3 million downloads.

Working in groups of two-to-four, Spaceteam ESL players receive English instructions on their phones about how to fly their spaceship. They must then translate, collaborate and act together to avoid danger.



Is your campus destination temporarily closed, due to inclement weather or another unexpected situation? Find out by downloading the Alertus mobile app for smartphones and tablets.

For detailed instructions, visit Concordia's Emergency Alerts page or email

Here are other ways to stay safe on campus. Also — did you know that you can sign up for a Concordia text message service that tells you if a class is cancelled?



Concordia journalism student Matt Heuman created VoteNote to make Canada's 2015 election easier to navigate.

It walks users through each step of the voting process and works like a Twitter feed to communicate new developments in a user-friendly fashion.

The idea, Heuman explains, is that “you can go through the whole app in five minutes and find all the information you need to vote.”

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