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A one-stop shop to help you reach your academic and career goals

Concordia’s new Student Success Centre is the first port of call for advice and assistance
September 2, 2015
By Tom Peacock


Do you need some help to get through your first few weeks at university? Are you looking for a tutor to help you with a difficult class? Or maybe you want to get a head start on planning for your future after graduation.

Concordia’s new Student Success Centre exists to provide advice or assistance to individuals at every stage of their academic career.

"We mean success in a very broad way," says the centre's new director Laura Mitchell. "It can mean anything from supporting someone who’s just failed a class and needs to get back on track, to helping a B student become an A student, to providing advice to those entering the job market after graduating."

The centre’s resources are divided into three streams: services for new students, learning support, and career advising and planning. They represent the majority of student services that were administered under the former Counselling and Development department. A reorganization across the sector that began in 2014 resulted in this revitalized approach to serving students better.

"We want to support students right from when they accept to come to Concordia to their graduation and beyond," Mitchell says, adding that the centre provides a full range of services for both graduate and undergraduate students.

The centre’s team comprises 18 staff members, including learning specialists, career advisors and counsellors, professionals experienced in orientation events and student mentoring, an IT specialist and a librarian.

Find a mentor

There are also up to 80 students either working or volunteering for the Student Success Centre. They include mentors, tutors, study group leaders, student career advisors and writing and math tutoring assistants.

Often a person’s first point of contact with the centre is through a Student Success Mentor. Members of the 25-strong team are available during office hours at the centre’s current digs in room H-481 on the fourth floor of the Henry F. Hall (H) Building. All Concordia students can book an appointment with one at any time. Also, new students who sign up for Orientation are assigned a mentor.

"As experienced students themselves, our mentors are able to answer a broad spectrum of questions about university life, academics, and how to get the most out of your time at Concordia," Mitchell says.

A new look

The Student Success Centre now has a new presence on the web, highlighting the many resources available through its three streams.

Eventually, the centre will also be relocated to a brand-new space. Included in the plans is a large room where staff and volunteers will be able to host the majority of its more than 200 workshops.

Making the centre as visible and accessible as possible is key, Mitchell explains. "We want to reach all of the students that need us, and make sure everybody knows this is where to come. Our space is a big part of that."

Only a few months into her mandate as director of the new Student Success Centre, Mitchell is excited about its future. "We’re right at the start of something. We’re building the centre both physically and team-wise. I feel lucky to be a part of the process and to get to see how we evolve over time."


Find out more about the Student Success Centre.


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