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In search of a new look for the Stingers

A-list alum photographer John Londono is leading a team of student helpers
March 18, 2015
By Gregory Todaro


Whether or not you recognize his name, odds are you’ve seen John Londono’s work: from his award-winning advertising photography for Adidas to his work shooting bands like Oasis or Arcade Fire and even the cover of Elle Quebec, Londono has been building a notable career since his graduation from Concordia’s Photography program in 2011.

Now, Londono and locally based international marketing company Cossette are coming together to help revamp the Concordia Stingers brand and they’re looking for students to help in the process.

Students with a passion for film making, music, photography, design, creative writing and sound mixing are needed to help create a series of web-based videos over the spring and summer to promote the changes coming to the way we’ll look at the Stingers.

Learning from experience

Londono had a chance to play around with digital photography right after graduation while developing the photography side of Concordia’s Creative Media Services (CMS), a part of Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS).

CMS began when there was a need to film classes and create videos that would be embedded in class websites, but the team became bigger and started to do promotional videos for different departments and various campus events. Londono worked to create an image bank of Concordia for the university to use.

After about a year, Londono bought his own digital camera and started freelancing.

“There was a mental wall I had to cross, and it was right when I finished school,” he says. “For a lot of people, it’s their first and most important reality check. You can be very successful in academics and very successful in a department, but if you’re studying to become an artist it’s another ball game to face reality and to work without obligation or the support of a department. The main stress was that.”

Londono will give students that come aboard this new project a chance to learn the reality of the business by working directly with him.

“A lot of people are drawn by images and want to be a part of it,” he says. “They think that you shoot celebrities and models every day, and assisting photographers who do that must be the coolest job ever. But then they get on the set and realize it’s hard work.”

Getting Involved

Student involvement is needed at all stages of production during the summer. The selected students can either be involved in some or all stages of production, depending on their availability.

This unique opportunity gives participants a chance to leave their mark on the university, as well as gain valuable work experience with some of the leading minds in marketing, communications, photography, design and video production. For students in Fine Arts, this project can count for credit toward their degree.

To apply to participate in this historic Stingers rebranding project, or to find out more information, send an email to

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