Quickest sale ever at the greenhouse

What was once a four-day event ended in an hour and 20 minutes
January 22, 2015
By Shelagh Peden


It was a banner day at the greenhouse.

The lineup to buy houseplants ran from their front door on 13th-floor down four flights of stairs to the ninth floor! And 4,606 Facebookers confirmed their attendance on the event page, some of whom turned on their heels after seeing the large crowd.

It’s a far cry from their sale back in 2012-13 that was held over four days. This year’s event was expected to last four hours, but the 700 plants were sold in an hour and 20 minutes.

“It speaks to the need for ecological plants on the downtown campus,” says Sheena Swirlz, the services coordinator at the greenhouse.

The plant sales, held about three times a year, are a major source of funding for the greenhouse, over and above the student fees that are collected each term. Plants range from seedlings to edible herbs to large houseplants, including Birds of Paradise.

The next plant sale will be in May.

Did you know the Concordia Greenhouse sells edible sprouts at the weekly Farmers’ Market in the Green Space? Check them out on Wednesday afternoons until April 30.

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