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Concordia experts on COP26

Ask our Experts
Posted on October 21, 2021
Crowd of people at a protest for the climate

A number of experts from Concordia University are available to comment on the COP26 summit.

Damon Matthews, Professor and Concordia Research Chair in Climate Science and Sustainability Geography, Planning and Environment
Climate Change, Carbon Budget, Global Climate Modelling, Paris Accord, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Climate Policy

Anders Bjørn, Postdoctoral fellow, Geography, Planning and Environment
Quantifying corporate direct and indirect climate impacts, science-based targets and net-zero targets; Comparing impacts of different greenhouse gasses

Claude El-Bayeh, Postdoctoral fellow, Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Impacts of integrating electrical vehicles on distribution networks and climate change; Transition from conventional power systems to smart grids; Future of self-powered EVs and charging stations

Chunjiang An, Assistant Professor, Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Xuelin Tian, master’s student in BCEE
Urban greenhouse gas emissions; Urban transportation and air quality,

Alexandra Lesnikowski, Assistant Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
Adaptation planning, adaptation policy assessment (including global assessments under the UNFCCC and IPCC), climate change vulnerability, and climate change responses in cities

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