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Spring ahead, set energy levels back?

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Posted on March 8, 2018

What happens to our systems when we set our clocks ahead one hour?

Sarah Ferraro and Hanna Opiol are PhD candidates in the Department of Psychology who research the effects of time changes and disruptions of the brain’s circadian rythms. They warn of a documented rise in the number of highway and traffic accidents in the days following the time change as just one illustration of the toll this shift can take on the human body.

Sarah Ferraro
cell: 514-621-9105

Hanna Opiol

But does gaining an hour of daylight at the end of the day compensate for the disruption?

Researchers in the PERFORM Centre’s Sleep Laboratory can clarifty what impact the time change and differences in light can have on sleep quality over the course of several days and nights.

Florian Chouchou
Post-doctoral research associate, PERFORM Centre
Cell : 514-779-7943

Melodee Mograss,
post-doctoral research associate, PERFORM Centre

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