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Sleep Lab



The Sleep laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art facilities and equipment for monitoring overnight and long-term sleep studies and daytime nap studies. The integration of this laboratory within the PERFORM Center allows the unique opportunity to combine sleep assessments with a wide array of measurements and interventions such as medical imaging, nutrition, and physical activity. The area includes the following:

  • 3 Furnished Private Bedrooms – Furnished bedrooms with a single bed, closet, recliner chair, desk and chair, as well as a sink.
  • Control room – A monitoring room with a set-up area, and computers for data acquisition and monitoring of each bedroom.
  • Bathroom – with shower facilities
  • Multifunctional area with kitchenette – A room for data analysis, space for meetings, storage space for equipment and supplies.
  • Consultation Room – A general interview and examination room with equipment for clinical assessment, a computer, and fridge for short-term storage of biological samples. 

List of Services

  • Overnight sleep studies (polysomnography, PSG)
  • Daytime sleep and activity studies (electroencephalogram, EEG /PSG)  
  • Oximetry recordings and screenings
  • Heart rate and electrocardiographic (ECG) studies with distribution over sleep periods
  • Cardio-respiratory sleep studies for assessment and quantification of respiratory effort, oximetry, ECG
  • Audio-video recording of sleep/wake behavior
  • Actigraphy for motion and sleep/wake measurements over extended periods 

Our Team

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