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International Women’s Day 2018

Ask our Experts
Posted on March 5, 2018

International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day, an event designed to mark the social, economic, political and cultural achievements of women. This year, the day comes with the call to #PressforProgress, with the understanding that historical achievements such as women’s rights to public education or casting an electoral vote don’t yet extend globally while all too often equal pay for equal work remains a goal. Concordia experts are available to provide a progress report from various points of view.


A pink budget?

The Trudeau government has repeatedly stated equality for women is one of its top priorities. Because it’s 2018, does the recent budget announced by Finance Minister Bill Morneau reflect that priority? Geneviève Rail, a researcher in the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, can analyze the budget with an eye to its impact on women.

Geneviève Rail,
Professor, Simone de Beauvoir Institute
514 848-2424, ext. 5856


Maker Spaces: making room for women in tech 

Could Maker Spaces become a point of entry for greater numbers of girls and women to pursue studies in traditionally male-dominated and increasingly digitized industries? Ann-Louise Davidson would answer with an emphatic YES! As a professor of educational technology and Concordia Research Chair in Maker Culture, Davidson has witnessed first-hand how high-tech workshops that invite school girls to pick up tools and learn coding can turn them onto math and science. But she’s also encountered harassment and resistance from men in this innovative field.

Ann-Louise Davidson, 
Associate Professor, Department of Education
514 848-2424, ext. 5476


Feminists’ strange partnership with the evangelical right

Carly Daniel-Hughes’ research focuses on the history of Christianity, women, gender and sexuality in Religion. She recently wrote about the curious association of feminists and right-wing evangelicals in the United States in the battle against the global sex trade and how that association is shaping public attitudes about sex work.

Carly Daniel Hughes, 
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Religions and Cultures
514 848-2424, ext. 2066


Do we still need International Women’s Day?

Homa Hoodfar’s research on the condition of women around the world may well have led to her imprisonment in her native Iran, on March 9, 2016. Freed four months later, Hoodfar believes marking the day is more important than ever as young women risk losing sight of the battles the previous generations fought for their rights and their freedom.

Homa Hoodfar,
Professor Emerita, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

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