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John Molson students learn to "Network Like a Rockstar"

International students hear from world-renowned speaker
January 14, 2019


In November, Jaymin Patel, a world-renowned networking guru spoke to international students at the John Molson School of Business about the importance of creating connections when looking for a job. He was invited to Concordia by John Molson’s Career Management Services and JMSB LIFE.

“He’s in very high demand, and we’ve wanted to bring him in for years,” says Susanne Thorup, the lead organizer of the event.

“Building a network is one of most challenging but important things that international students need to do. Jaymin’s talk, entitled 'Network Like a Rockstar', is specifically geared for international students and he has personally networked his way into a number of successful jobs, so his insights really resonated with our students.”

Cerise Thoor, an international business major who attended the event agrees. “He was great! Very enthusiastic and passionate about what he was speaking about.”

Tasha Mathew, who graduated in June, says Patel did a particulary good job at breaking down the science behind human interactions and the process of building trusting relationships with strangers. “He explained how the brain functions, how it assimilates information and how it draws conclusions based on that information.”

“He not only brought new knowledge and insights to each of us, he managed to tailor his talk to our specific needs as JMSB students in Montreal with our environment-specific challenges.”

The event was organized as part of C-RISE, explains Thorup. “That stands for Career Roadmap for International Student Excellence—We try to bring high-quality seminars to John Molson’s international students.”

C-RISE was created by CMS to help international students find work after graduation by offering them career seminars, networking events and opportunities to meet employers.

“This was our first time partnering with JMSB LIFE,” says Thorup. “Their mandate is to enhance the experience of international students, so it’s a logical fit.”

Thorup says that CMS is looking to plan more events in cooperation with JMSB LIFE in the New Year.

“It was a resounding success. We filled the room to capacity with over 100 students and more were on the waiting list.”

The next C-RISE event for international students is "Network with the Stars" on  February 19.


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