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Contemporary Dance faculty and alumni a strong presence at Festival TransAmériques

The international Festival TransAmériques runs from May 26 to June 12, with works in theatres and online. 

Figuring prominently this year are Department of Contemporary Dance alumni, part- and full- time faculty and artist-in-residence.

Alumna Katie Ward choreographs and performs her new work Anything, Whatsoever. Dramaturgy by alumnus Ame Henderson; artistic support by part-time faculty Marie-Claire Forté; lighting design by part-time faculty Paul Chamber, with input by alumni Katie Ewald and Leanne Dyer.

Paul Chambers designs light for space and performance in Phosphos with collaborator/performer/choreographer/ alum Lael Stellick and performances by alumni Dana Michel and Angie Cheng.

Paul Chambers is also lighting designer for La romance est pas morte, 2Fik!, and Rhodnie Désir's Bow't- Tio'tia:ke, which had rehearsal direction by part-time faculty Isabelle Poirier.

Alum Be Heintzman Hope performs in Clara Furey's Dog Rising for which the stellar alumna Dana Michel was external eye as well as last year's Artist-in-Residence Peter Jasko.

Full-time faculty Angélique Willkie is dramaturg for Mélanie Demers' group work La Goddam Voie Lactée.

Alumni Kerwin Barrington and Hélène Messier perform in Sara Dell'Ava's 02.

Alumna and Métis (Ojie-Cree & Mennonite) multimedia artist-choreographer Lara Kramer presents her new work Them Voices in the Musée d'art contemporain gardens.

Choreographer/ performer Lara Kramer in Them Voices. Photo by Stephan Petersen Choreographer/ performer Lara Kramer in Them Voices. Photo by Stephan Petersen

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