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Educating Women Film and Media Makers in the University February 19, 2-4 pm

February 10, 2021


This roundtable will address issues facing women teaching and learning film-and-media production at the university level. Through the contributions of filmmakers, scholars, and instructors in film production, we will discuss strategies for helping women move into successful filmmaking careers.
Students and Faculty from all units of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema and other departments at Concordia University are invited to join the conversation.

Roundtable presenters:
Gerda Cammaer, Ryerson University
Guylaine Dionne, Concordia University
Marianna Milhorat , Concordia University
Carol Nguyen, Independent filmmaker
Marielle Nitoslawska, Concordia University
Tracy Zhang, Independent Scholar

Moderated by Catherine Russell and Rosanna Maule, Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema

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