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Film and Moving Image Studies community to showcase their work at 2021 SCMS Virtual Conference

February 17, 2021

20 faculty members and PhDs from Concordia's Film and Moving Image Studies program are presenting their research at this year's virtual SCMS conference. The Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), the leading cinema and media studies organization in the United States, recently announced the schedule for its annual conference. This year’s event will be running from March 17-21, with a pre-conference event proceeding on March 5-6.

With topics ranging from the dark web, digital sex toys, forensic architecture, pirate television, feminist documentary, and the Lucasfilm archives, these presenters will showcase the wide range of interdisciplinary research done by the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema's graduate community.

Registration for the conference is now open, with a student rate of $75. The full schedule is available on the SCMS website.

The Mel Hoppenehim School of Cinema is proud to announce a list of presenters and panel chairs from our community:

· Iuliia Glushneva, Panel Chair, Concordia University, Listening to Pirate Television: Informal Cyberdubbing and the Case of the LostFilm Project

· Beatriz Bartolomé Herrera, Concordia University, From Storage to Storytelling: Lucasfilm Archives and the (many) Afterlives of Cinema

· Rebecca Holt, Concordia University, The ‘Instagram-Friendly’ Vibrator: Selling Sex Toys in the Age of Social Media

· Sima Kokotovic, Panel Chair, Concordia University, Subversives in the Desert of Transition: Insurgency, Resistance, and Political Strategy of a Film Festival

· Tess McClernon, Concordia University, Fragments of Her Ghostly Archive: Zora Neale Hurston's ‘Field Notes’

· Darien Sanchez Nicolas, Concordia University, Extreme Makeover: Cuban Home Edition: El Paparazzi Cubano, and the Online Rebuilding of the Cuban Household

· Ylenia Olibet, Concordia University, Feminist Documentary Legacy at the Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir in Paris

· Jake Pitre, Concordia University, SKAM Austin and the Integrative Strategies of Facebook Watch

· Aurélie Petit, Concordia University, Becoming Political: Anime Imagery and the Alt-Right

· Lola Remy, Panel Chair, Concordia University, Documenting the Universal: Harry Smith’s Collecting Practice

· Joaquin Serpe, Panel Chair, Concordia University, The Intellectual Dark Web: DIY Aesthetics, Parasociality and Paranoia

· Patrick Smith, Concordia University, Mediated Forensics

· Miles Taylor, Concordia University, That Old Sinking Feeling: Lemuria and Absence in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice

· Ecem Yildirim, Concordia University, Turkish Film Policies in Transition: Rethinking the Europeanization of Turkish Film Industry from a Policy Perspective

· Masha Salazkina, Panel Chair, Concordia University, Latin American Cinema's Cold War Festival Circuits, 1960s-1970s

· Catherine Russell, Panel Chair, Concordia University, Anti-Heroine: Stanwyck’s Gamble on Double Indemnity

· May Chew, Panel Chair, Concordia University, Archival Obsolescence and Cultivation in Sandi Tan’s Shirkers

· Joshua Neves, Panel Chair, Concordia University, The Internet of People and Things

· Haidee Wasson, Panel Co-Chair Concordia University, Magnetic Projection: Small Cinema Machines at Mid-Century

· Luca Caminati, Concordia University, Italian Militant Cinema: Fanon and Thirdworldism in the long ‘68

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