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Introduction to the “Actes du colloque 2022 “

January 15, 2024

The appearance on line of the 2022 “Actes du colloque sur la recherche en enseignement des arts visuels” marks the enduring tradition of a regular meeting of Quebec art educators and studio educators, from schools, CEGEPS, Colleges and Universities from across the province. These meetings have taken place, every two years over the last 25 years. Participants have had a chance to learn about ongoing research projects and social action initiatives that colleagues at various Quebec institutions have undertaken. Each colloque generates a record of the collected presentations. These documents are very useful as historical snapshots of Quebec art education as it evolved over the last 25 years. The colloques offer colleagues and fellow researchers a chance to learn about developments and new directions in Quebec art education at that time. In addition to the academic exchanges which are so valuable, there are also social exchanges and the chance to network among colleagues.

Predictably such opportunities lead to new collaborative research projects. The Colloque is always attended by faculty and students from Anglophone and Francophone educational institutions, thus creating a strong sense of collegial community. The task of organizing and chairing the meetings has rotated among provincial universities and colleges . After a three-year hiatus caused by the Pandemic it was Concordia’s art education department’s turn to host the colloque. As you will see, this record of the 2022 colloque offers an engaging and diverse bill of fare.


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