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Video: Unboxing take-home sculpture kits

October 26, 2020
By Andy Murdoch

Introduction to Studio Arts Sculpture Kits

Faculty and staff in the Department of Studio Arts have developed take-home studio kits for students to use as part of their online classes in ceramics, sculpture, fibres and material practices, and printmaking.

Juan Ortiz-Apuy, an assistant professor in the sculpture program, created a series of “unboxing videos” that show off his program’s kits on YouTube so that current and prospective students can see them.

The kits were developed by a team of instructors and technicians who spent the summer hammering out technical details for the kits to ensure a quality visual arts curriculum could be delivered remotely to students.

Creating take-home kits required everyone to reimagine materials and methods from the ground up. The department ordered new materials, tested them, and made sure they are compatible with Concordia facilities and with curriculum objectives.


Unboxing the Forton Mold Making and Casting kit

Unboxing the Silicone 10 – Mold Making Casting Kit

Unboxing the Smooth-Cast – Mold Making Casting Kit

Unboxing the Mold Making and Casting kit

Unboxing the Kitchen-friendly Mold-making Kit

Unboxing the Knife Carving Kit

Unboxing the Metal Work Kit

Work Table Kit

BONUS VIDEO: Picking up the take-home kits IRL

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