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Educational Studies MA student Myriam Zaidi pens two op-ed articles on the occasion of International Women's Day

March 14, 2016

International Women's Day offers an important occasion for us to celebrate the accomplishments of past and current feminist activists while collectively reflecting on how gender intersects with other forms of oppression and social injustice. It is therefore also a great opportunity to demystify current feminisms, which unfortunately remain misunderstood and often limited by second wave definitions and practices. 

With this in mind, we invite you to read a recent op-ed piece written by Montreal-based Saman Ahsan, executive director of the Girls Action Foundation, and Myriam Zaidi, a student doing her MA in Education Studies at Concordia University and the Girls Action Foundation communications and national network coordinator.

The text, published both in English in the Gazette and in French in La Presse, does an excellent job of articulating the relevance of an intersectional approach to feminism and highlights the vibrant work of a number of young local feminists and community leaders who are working diligently to generate change in our communities.

Congratulations for your success in promoting a better understanding of intersectional feminisms in the media.


The English op-ed can be read here:

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