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Prof. Bela Egyed Publishes Plato's Two Republics

February 1, 2024

Prof. Bela Egyed publishes a new essay, titled "Plato's Two Republics."

Description: In Plato's Two Republics, Bela Egyed unveils a fresh perspective on Plato's renowned work. Exploring conflicting interpretations, Egyed argues that Plato presents two distinct teachings—one on practical politics and another on the impact of a totalitarian philosophy on governance. Challenging the widely held belief that only philosophers can be just, Egyed delves into Books II to IV, highlighting Plato's nuanced view of individuals and virtue. Despite engaging with philosophical heavyweights like Williams and Sachs, Egyed stands alone, emphasizing the pivotal distinction between "rule" and "predominance." This accessible essay invites readers to reconsider Plato's timeless dialogue on morality and politics.

Bela Egyed is Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University.

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