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February 2-8, 2015

Domestic Media Monitoring Report for Somalia
Posted on February 9, 2015

Compiled by Laura Metcalfe

Tribal Clashes Continue in Central Somalia

Tribal Clash Leaves 20 Dead in Central Somalia
Shabelle News , February 5th

  • At least 20 people have been killed and more injured in deadly clan fighting in the Deefoow area.
  • Clashes erupted after heavily armed militias launched an assault on another militia.
  • Most of the dead are fighters from both sides.
  • Meanwhile, residents are reportedly starting to flee from the town to another village to protect themselves.
  • Djibouti forces serving under AMISOM have failed to intervene in the fighting.
  • The latest reports say that gun fighting has now subsided.

Five Die as Clan Clashes in Baladwayne Enter Second Day
Raxanreeb, February 7th

  • At least five have died and thirteen others have been injured in clashes between militias in the Hiran region.
  • Reports suggest that the two sides are exchanging heavy fire and fatalities are increasing.
  • The motive behind these clashes is unclear, as neither leader has commented.
  • The administration has called on both parties to exercise restraint.

Two Clan Militias Clash at Illegal Roadblock in Beledweyne
Garowe Online, February 7th

  • At least five people have been reported killed after heavy fighting raged between two clan militias in Hiran’s regional capital of Beledweyne.
  • Ten others were wounded in fighting over control of an illegal checkpoint in the neighborhood of Hawlwadag
  • Hundreds of affected families have fled from nearby areas in fear.
  • No negotiations have been commenced and tensions remain high.

Amid Rifts, Somali MPs Table Motion Against Speaker
Mareeg Media, February 8th

  • As MPs set to vote on the PM’s new cabinet, legislators have filed a motion against the Speaker, further exacerbating the country’s political crisis.
  • The MPs have accused the speaker of undermining their efforts by ignoring their input, showing bias, and have expressed doubt in his leadership
  • The Speaker’s two deputies have both signed the motion against the speaker.

Breaking: Gunmen Attack Puntland Deputy Commissioner House in Bossaso
Raxanreeb, February 7th

  • Reports from Bossaso, Bari, state that unidentified gunmen have attacked the house of Puntland’s deputy police commissioner.
  • The identity of the attackers is still unknown.
  • Fierce gunfire was exchanged when security guards resisted the attack.
  • The number of casualties has not been confirmed, but reports suggest a there are several dead.
  • The deputy police commissioner survived an assassination attempt in Galkayo in 2013.
  • This is the second attack in Bossaso.

Al Shabaab Fighters Storm a Police Station in Bossaso, Bari Region
Raxanreeb, February 4th

  • Armed men, believed to be AS have stormed a city in the Puntland town of Bossaso.
  • Police officers have resisted and stopped the fighters from entering the compound.
  • The Al Shabaab fighters and one police officer have been confirmed dead.
  • This is the second attack on police stations in Puntland by AS.

Al Shabaab Gunmen Attack Bossaso Police Station
Garowe Online, February 4th

  • Al Shabaab gunmen attacked a police station in Bossaso with machine guns and rocketpropelled grenades.
  • The attackers seriously wounded one soldier and destroyed a troop transport vehicle
  • The gun battle lasted 30 minutes, and came only hours after the assassination of a local community leader.

Gunmen Attack Army Checkpoint in Bossaso
Garowe Online, February 7th

  • Men armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades attacked a military checkpoint in Bossaso, killing one soldier and wounding two others.
  • The attack is the latest in of a string in Puntland, a region known for stability during two decades of war in Somalia.

Puntland Reveals Evidence of Somaliland’s Support for Al Shabaab Militants To Destabilize the Region
Raxanreeb, February 8th

  • Somaliland, the self-declared breakaway state in Somalia has been accused by Puntland of aiding al Shabaab militants fighting in the Gal-Gala mountain range
  • Puntland has accused Somaliland of allocating financial, martial, and moral support to al Shabaab, who are currently fighting Puntland forces
  • Following an attack on the police station in Bossaso, Puntland police have repulse the militants.
  • Puntland’s deputy police chief said that they captured some attackers who had Somaliland currency in their pockets.
  • According to officials, the militants infiltrate through Somaliland to destabilize Puntland. Somaliland’s alleged motivation is that by convincing the world there is no peace in Somalia they can strengthen their claim to statehood. By attacking Puntland, they distract the region from recapturing Sool.

Second Cleric Killed in Baidoa in Two Weeks
Garowe Online, February 3rd

  • Unidentified assailants have killed a prominent cleric inside a mosque in Baidoa.
  • Hussein Hassan, who was aligned with the paramilitary group Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamea, was gunned down while attending evening prayers.
  • The attackers fled from the scene.
  • His son sustained wounds.
  • On January 18th, gunmen assassinated another Ahlu Sunnah-affiliated cleric.
  • AS has not claimed credit for the deaths.
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