MIGS releases White Paper on Combating Online Antisemitism

Canadian Taskforce to Combat Online Antisemitism
March 31, 2022
By Kyle Matthews and Marie Lamensch

On 31 March 2022, MIGS is pleased to release our final project report from the Canadian Taskforce to Combat Online Antisemitism. This project ran from the summer 2021 to March 2022 and examined current themes and trends in online antisemitism, what social media companies can do, government responses, and what we can do to build Canadian resiliency to this form of online hate.

As part of the project, MIGS organized 3 roundtable sessions with experts to discuss to root of the issue and have a open dialogue for suggestions, reflections, and resolutions. Findings from these 3 sessions are included in the final report.

The report concludes with recommendations for how we can combat online antisemitism and safeguard our collective online experiences through defining education, and acting.

White Paper: Canadian Task Force to Combat Online Antisemitism

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