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The History Department is pleased to announce the Undergraduate History Prizes for 2022-23!

August 16, 2023

The History Department is pleased to announce the Undergraduate History Prizes for 2022-23!

Many congratulations to these talented students!

The Martin Lewis Book Prize for top graduate, to Simone Donders.

The David Fox Prize for best Honours Essay, to Simon Malépart, “Things of War: Material Culture and Wehrmacht Soldiers on the Eastern Front, 1941-1943” (supervisor Alison Rowley).

The Maria and Domenico Lonardo Scholarship for the study of Canadian Immigrant Life, to Antea Zivanovic, for her paper “Remembering Café Sarajevo,” submitted for HIST 306 (instr. VK Preston).

McGrath-Smith Memorial Scholarship and Gordon Ritchie Scholarship, both for exemplary performance in Canadian history (HIST 203 and 205), to Meghan Rulli and Matthew Bouchard.

The Commins-Lachance Family Undergraduate Research Award in Quebec History, to Penelope Higgins, for her paper, “Afro-Can and Canadian Neoliberalism:  Racial Capitalism with a Multiculturalist Face,” submitted for HIST 390 (instr. Steven High).

Concordia University Archives, Afro-Can Cover Page First Issue May 1981, NCC Fonds- F013-HA04170, folder 12

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