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CCRH Core Members receive SSHRC Funding to study the fear of losing control

Core Member of the Centre for Clinical Research in Health, Dr. Adam Radomsky, is primary investigator of the newly funded Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) project entitled The Fear of Losing Control: A Mixed Methods Approach. Dr. Radomsky’s co-investigators are CCRH Co-Directors, Dr. Andrew Ryder and Dr. Roisin O’Connor. Dr. Jean-Philippe Gouin, another CCRH Core Member, is a collaborator.

The aim of the studies funded by SSHRC is to obtain a deeper understanding of the nature of the fear of losing control, and of how it might relate to people’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. While there already exists a solid foundation of literature associated with the concept of control, there is very little empirical research about the fear of losing control. Comprised of four linked studies, the researchers will collect and analyze data from participants to glean a greater understanding of important psychological factors associated with the fear of losing control.

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