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Stupide Things Nobody Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon: MTL Edition

Saturday, February 18, 2023
9:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Registration is closed


From $13-50


Charles Gedeon


Faubourg Building
1250 Guy
Room 620



The Stupid Things No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon Montreal: a hackathon dedicated to creating things that have absolutely no value, hosted by Pragmatics Studio and Concordia's District 3 Innovation Centre. The French Canadian distant relative of

This is your chance to make anything your heart desires, as long as it has absolutely no value to anyone on this planet.

Suggested Categories

  • NFT: No Fun-gible Tokens
  • Your Metaworst nightmare
  • The wrong Amazon is burning
  • Getting VCs for your FartUp
  • "Angel" Investors: Get money from the great beyond
  • Verify your verification's verification for an extra $8
  • TFA: Two-Hundred Factor Authentication
  • Apple Spoon: The ultimate digital diet companion
  • Driving under the influencers
  • Oculus Thrift
  • Ok Poodle, play me a song
  • How much does an Instagram weigh?
  • Send toasters to machine learning school
  • FTX FTW!!!!!!
  • Artifacial Intelligence, the ultimate spa treatmen
  • Snap, Crackle, Pop, Kellog's RiceCRISPRs

What we're making

Come with a team or meet new people to create a stupid, terrible idea that nobody needs! You can represent your stupid, terrible idea that nobody needs in any way you want: Make an app! A website! A French new-wave film starring Scraps, the wise-cracking porcupine with a heart of gold! A paper prototype! An interpretive dance performance! A robot! A TED talk! A meal! An assemblage of junk held together with hopes and dreams! A comic book! Anything, and everything… all of the time!

At the end of the day everyone will present their stupid terrible nonsense off at our Stupid Job Fair. Get your tickets to participate in the hackathon and present your project.

Everyone is welcome

No tech expertise required—or any expertise in any domain! Bring us fresh eyes unsullied by the Status Quo. Bring us your fearless, innovative hearts and paradigm-bludgeoning minds. We need programmers, designers, comedians, videographers, artists, thought leaders, ideationists, neolibertarian techno-utopian oversimplifiers, the REAL HEROES, and YOU!

FOR HARDWARE HACKERS: If you want to mess around with hardware, please bring your own devices, arduinos, wires, components, etc. There will be a makerspace where you can solder and work on high benches, but it has very limited resources.

IF YOU LIKE TO WATCH: Come to the presentations at the Stupid Job Fair. Bring your friends! You'll be very very very impressed.

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