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Stavros Stavrides - Space commoning as a source of social emancipation

Social Justice Speaker Series

Friday, March 18, 2022
12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Stavros Stavrides


This event is free


Social Justice Centre



***UPDATE: The recording is available on zoom and youtube.***

The process of defining and producing the common in and through city life is a process of collective inventiveness and struggle. A process that creates potentialities of collective emancipation. If emancipation has to do with the envisioning and testing of specific forms of social organization, common spaces (understood as imagined arrangements or as specific sites) become crucial means through which an emancipatory future is both experienced and shaped.

About the seaker:

Dr. Stavros Stavrides, architect, is Professor at the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, where he teaches graduate courses on housing design (social housing design included), as well as a postgraduate course on the meaning of metropolitan experience.

He did extensive research fieldwork in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico focused on housing-as-commons and urban struggles for self-management. His research topics include urban commons, urban struggles, experience of metropolitan space, housing, spatial theory, architectural design and planning.

His recent publications include Common Spaces of Urban Emancipation (Manchester 2019), Common Space. The City as Commons, (London 2016, Istanbul 2016, Athens 2019, Lisbon 2021), Towards the City of Thresholds (Trento, 2010, Madrid 2016, Istanbul 2016, N. York 2019), Suspended Spaces of Alterity (Athens, 2010) and From the City-as-Screen to the City-as-Stage (Athens, 2002 National Book Award) as well as numerous articles on spatial theory and the urban commoning culture. He has lectured in European and North and South American Universities on urban struggles and practices of urban commoning.

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Moderated by Bengi Akbulut (director of the Social Justice Centre and Assistant Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment)

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This talk is part of the Social Justice Centre Speaker Series.

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