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Alumnus/Alumna profile

Taran Singh

Bachelor of Arts
Major Southern Asia Studies

“Montreal is such a dynamic city and Concordia is the perfect representation of that.”

Taran Singh’s multidisciplinary program experience led him to organize events and a conference outside the classroom

Southern Asia Studies is a program that combines the study of history, politics, religion, and languages. With such a complex matrix of disciplines, sometimes getting involved in the world outside the classroom is the best way to put your new knowledge to use, and that’s exactly what Taran Singh did.

Why did you pursue a degree in Religions and Cultures?

I wanted to deepen my understanding of the world. I always had an interest in learning more about South Asia, which is why I chose to focus on that area during my undergraduate degree. I was looking for a program that was multidisciplinary.

What opportunities did you have as a student in this program?

Throughout my undergraduate program, there were a lot of opportunities to do things outside of the classroom by joining student organizations and associations.  I was able to organize several events and conferences which helped improve my organization and communication skills, including a two-day conference at McGill called Sikhism and Interfaith Dialogue.

What is the most appealing part of studying in Montreal?

Montreal is such a dynamic city and Concordia is the perfect representation of that through its vibrant campus. The student experience is great; you’ve got access to transport, local eateries and get the chance to meet so many interesting people given the diversity of the student body. Life on campus is fantastic.

What was the most interesting aspect of your program?

Since it’s a multidisciplinary program, it provided different layers to the understanding of the various disciplines. I focused on Southern Asian studies and learned its history, religions and how these aspects had shaped the development of that region.

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