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Alumnus/Alumna profile

Cindy Balan

Bachelor of Arts 22
Major Human Relations
Minor Adult Education

“I gained knowledge on group dynamics and communication that allowed me to see the world around me differently.”

How Cindy Balan learned to focus on her inner compass

The Human Relations program guides students to find their path to self-realization – and teaches them to help others do the same.

What was your favorite part of the Human Relations program?

The Human Relations program allowed me to understand the application of theories pertaining to psychology, sociology, anthropology, and more. We’re always encouraged to step outside of our comfort zone.

In one class, we had to find out what our personal mission is. We had to strip away the dreams of projected to us by society, our families and our friends to really dig and find out who we are. Once I found what my mission was and mostly how to use it, I realised  that my inner compass should always point towards it. That what a huge revelation.

What kind of learning did you do outside the classroom?

I learned to explore theoretical concepts outside of the classroom and developed various skills such as self-analysis, critical thinking, academic research, and observation. Most importantly, I gained knowledge on group dynamics and communication that allowed me to see the world around me differently.

I took part in Concordia's Open House, and I was a teaching assistant for one term. I participated in the pilot of a project at Concordia called TAKE THE LEAP/MAKE AN IMPACT which led students through coaching activities designed to help clarify their life goals.

What are your career goals?

My dream career would be in teaching, coaching and facilitating. We have a lot of professors in my program who wear these interconnected hats and it is inspiring to be a witness to their work.  

The different concentrations open doors to different career paths in social work, human resources, community services and so many more. I got to choose a concentration that suits my personal interests and career goals.

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