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Notable Concordian

Sudhir Jha

MEng 05

Sudhir Jha, MEng 05
Awards & Distinctions

Young Alumnus/Alumna of the Year

Sudhir Jha, MEng 05, is a long-time volunteer with the Concordia University Alumni Association. He has worked as a civil engineer in Canada’s North for the past 10 years, where he volunteers for a variety of organizations, some related to his field, others to the community.

Jha is dedicated to helping Northern youth develop life and career skills and to improving the quality of life for Northern residents.

According to his nominator, “he has earned significant respect from community leaders and residents both for his professional achievements and for his unwavering commitment to the broader community. Jha’s actions and results show he truly cares about Canada and the future of our country.”

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