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Forever learners: How can lifelong sex education shape a better society?

Join us for the winter 2024 season of the University of the Streets Café

Date & time
Wednesday, May 8, 2024
7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

This event is free


Office of Community Engagement


Librairie L'Euguélionne
1426 Rue Beaudry

Currently sex education is something that is mainly reserved for 9 to 15-year-olds. But is this the only time we really need to be learning about such an important topic? Many adults face challenges in finding the space and resources to discuss and learn about sexuality. What do we need to learn, unlearn or relearn? From whom? Why is it difficult or uncomfortable to learn keep learning about sex as we age? This necessary dialogue extends beyond personal growth. How can open discussions about sexuality contribute to dismantling taboos and stereotypes, promoting a culture of consent and respect, and creating safe spaces for marginalized voices? This public conversation will explore the kind of lifelong sex education we need and what is holding us back from getting it.


Estelle Cazelais is a sexologist and director of education at Les 3 sex*. Because of her academic background and her love of cinema and popular culture, she is particularly interested in the influence of the media on human sexual, romantic and social life.

A sexologist with a clinical master's degree from UQAM, Julie Lemay is responsible for sexuality education in a school service center. Her rich background and infectious passion have led her to become a lecturer and media columnist.   


Anurag Dhir brings over 15 years of experience in Montreal’s higher education and non-profit sectors as an organizer, educator, writer and facilitator. His work centers on collaborating with university and external partners to co-develop community-engaged learning opportunities and access to education programs for youth under-represented in higher education. He is currently the Internships Administrator for the B.A. Major – Education in Global Contexts in the Faculty of Education at McGill University.

About University of the Streets Café

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