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MFA Open Studios

Date & time
Wednesday, February 22, 2023
5 p.m. – 9 p.m.

This event is free


Etta Sandry


Visual Arts Building
1395 René Lévesque W.
Room - Multiple Rooms throughout VA Building

Wheel chair accessible


Image: Daniel Rumbolt (Fibres and Material Practices)

The MFA students of Concordia University are once again opening their studio doors! Over 70 graduate students in the Studio Arts MFA Program will present work-in-progress in all mediums and share their research and practice. Please join us for this annual opportunity to meet exceptional artists in their studios and learn more about their work.

This event is free and everyone is welcome!

Find out more about current graduate students in the following programs: Fibres and Material Practices, Photography, Print Media, Sculpture and Ceramics, Painting and Drawing, Film Production, and Intermedia.

0  Basement Floor – Print Media & Intermedia
1  Ground Floor – Photography
2  Second Floor – Intermedia
3  Third Floor – Film Production
4  Fourth Floor – Fibres & Material Practices, Intermedia, Painting & Drawing, Print Media, Sculpture & Ceramics, Film Production


MFA Fine Arts YouTube Broadcast
Wednesday, February 22, 2023 
12:00pm to 12:00am

In tandem with our in-person event, we will be screening time-based student works from all program areas on YouTube from noon until midnight.

Youtube link here


2023 Open Studios YouTube Program

01. Impermanence, 2022. Vinicius Sanchez, Print Media

02. Specere, 2022. Sabina Gámez, Intermedia. Content warning: nudity, anxiety triggers

03. Tensio, 2019. Sabina Gámez, Intermedia. Content warning: nudity, anxiety triggers

04. METANOIA, 2020. Mariana Rocha, Film Production

05. In-Vest, 2022. Nina Vroemen, Sculpture & Ceramics

06. Flowers In The Bath Remind Me Of Who I Used To Be, 2022. Jane Eyre Jordans, Intermedia

07. Cucoloris, 2021-22. Mujin Zhang, Film Production. Content warning: domestic violence, gun violence

08. Force and Form, 2022. Po B. K. Lomami, Intermedia

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