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Systems of Oppression and Intersectionality Training Module

Deepen your knowledge on the roots of sexual violence

As a Concordia student, you have by now completed the introductory module of the It Takes All of Us sexual violence awareness and prevention training. You are now encouraged to deepen your knowledge of this subject matter by taking the latest module developed by Concordia’s Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) called Systems of Oppression and Intersectionality.

Understanding the roots of sexual violence

Though not mandatory for students, taking this module is an excellent way to learn about the role of power dynamics as a root of sexual violence.

“Sexual violence is not about sex and desire, it’s about power,” explains Jennifer Drummond, manager at SARC. “Unequal power dynamics impact how sexual violence is experienced and create barriers for survivors when it comes to reporting misconduct and accessing support.”

Systems of Oppression and Intersectionality takes 30 minutes to complete and touches on the following subjects:

  • Systems of oppression and how they contribute to the root causes of sexual violence
  • The definition of intersectionality and how it relates to power dynamics and sexual violence
  • How to intervene when we see or hear sexual violence around us
  • Methods of support that take into account marginalized or oppressed survivors


Building on momentum

Since 2019, more than 73,000 faculty, staff and students have taken It Takes All of Us. For Lisa White, executive director of the Equity Office, this speaks to the Concordia community’s commitment to this issue.

“It’s heartening to see the community response to mandatory training over the last few years.  Staff and faculty who have already taken the base module were asked to take the new one in September and responded in overwhelming numbers,” she reports.

“I encourage all students to take the time to learn more about the roots of oppression and intersectionality.”

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