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Tweed, Ontario

Site Number: 15
CSD (1991): 3512031

Principal Researcher(s): Tony Fuller

Assistant Researcher(s): Patricia McLennan

Tweed is a town which had a population of 1,572 in 1996 and is located in Hastings County on a route between Toronto and Ottawa. It acts as a service centre for the surrounding farm and rural non-farm community and lies 38 kms north of Belleville. Tweed's manufacturing industry and public service sectors have declined in the current economy which is mixed, based on tourism and retirement functions as well as retail and agricultural services. Despite a lagging classification, Tweed has vibrant and enthusiastic community representatives who are eager to improve economic conditions.

Major events & stories

  • 1820s Settlement began in the area. Settlement originally focused on the river and lake. The river has served as a power source for mills and electricity. Two Railroads built through Tweed in 1884 and 1903. Strong woodworking presence; craftspeople, pallet company and two veneer companies (now closed).

  • 1891 Tweed incorporated as a village.

  • 1964 Skating rink and community centre built by Village and Hungerford municipalities with tremendous support from community.

  • 1970 High school closed; historic building demolished in 1974.

  • 1996 Closing of Ministry of Natural Resources office, nearly 50 families impacted by loss of jobs.

  • 1990s Inadequate sewage capacity instigated a building freeze within town.

  • 1999 Amalgamation of Tweed, Hungerford and Elzevir and Grimsthorpe into the Municipality of Tweed.


These documents summarize the work completed and insights gained from updating Economic Capacity Profiles for the New Rural Economy2 (NRE2) sites. The initial set of Profiles was based on the 1996 Census and 2001 NRE site profiles data. The updated Profiles are based on 2001 Census data and 2003 NRE site profiles data.

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