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Fine Arts

  • Shira Avni
    Associate Professor (Film Animation), Cinema

  • Bonnie Harnden
    Associate Professor and practicum coordinator, Drama Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies

    Drama therapy, trauma, attachment, research-creation, performed autoethnography, psychoanalysis, ethnography, embodied knowledge, play therapy, family therapy, parenting, experimental theater, theater for social change, arts-based learning, risk factors/ protective factors, borderline personality disorder, child and youth care, suicide intervention, mental health, pedagogy
  • Kristina Huneault
    Professor, Art History
    Graduate Program Director, Art History

    meaning, Canadian art history, selfhood, women artists, subjectivity, colonialism, indigenous-settler relations, aesthetics, art historiography, 19th century, art-historical method, feminism, visual culture, Canadian cultural history, art theory, art and philosophy, material culture, identity
  • Alice Ming Wai Jim
    Professor, Art History
    Concordia University Research Chair in Ethnocultural Art Histories
    Co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Asian Diasporic Visual Culture and the Americas
    Board Member, College Art Association - VP External Relations

    ethnocultural art histories, global art histories, media arts, curatorial studies, contemporary art, cultural diversity, biennials, screen culture, representation, Asian Canadian, transnationalism
  • Maya Rae Oppenheimer
    Assistant Professor, Studio Arts

    cultural history, art and re-enactment, art and archives, creative writing, social practice art, social justice and art and politics, critical pedagogy, histories of social science and medicine, historiographies in art and design
  • Luis Carlos Sotelo Castro
    Canada Research Chair in Oral History Performance, Theatre

    oral history performance, listening/hearing, experimental theatre, research-creation, social innovation, documentary theatre, walking, participatory processes, sound, activism, war and memory, theatre for social change, relational art, storytelling, representation, drama/performance, violence, performance studies, Latin America, participatory art
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