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Our research has been featured in the media:

  • After receiving the prestigious 'Prix ACFAS Thérèse Gouin-Décarie' for Social Sciences in 2016, Dr. Diane Poulin-Dubois was interviewed on AcfasTV
  • Dr. Poulin-Dubois was interviewed in La Presse for an article on the potential benefits of teaching sign language to hearing infants in September 2014. 
  • Our research on selective learning was featured in Le Devoir newspaper in April 2014.
  • Press release in 2013 with Sabrina Chiarella and Diane Poulin-Dubois titled “Babies know when you are faking”. This was cited in 98 written and electronic media outlets including: Psychology Today; Radio-Canada; Telegraph; Parents; The Australian; The Himalayan Times; Top News Health.
  • Radio-Canada interview in February 2012 on the bilingual brain in Les Années Lumières. 
  • In June 2011, The British Psychological Society Research Digest conducted a press release with Ivy Brooker, a former Ph.D. student in the lab, and Dr. Diane Poulin-Dubois. This press release was cited in 41 media outlets including: British Psychological Society Research Digest; The Atlantic; MedicalNews Today; The Daily Mail; Elle France; New York Daily News; ABC Science; Libération. 
  • Radio interviews on bilingualism and cognition in children - TBS eFM's This Morning in Seoul, South Korea; 98.5 Montreal; Radio-Canada, Winnipeg; CJFO-FM, Ottawa; The World Today Weekend with Sean Leslie, CKNW, Vancouver. 2011.
  • Interviewed on the cognitive benefits of bilingualism published in La Recherche, a scientific magazine, titled "Les enfants bilingues sont plus précoces". 
  • In January 2011, Concordia University conducted a Press release on “A second language gives toddlers an edge”. Cited in 56 periodicals and websites, including Agence Science-Presse; Science Daily, Huffington Post
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