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Program sequence: Research and Clinical Training Option

The clinical profile is a 5-6 year sequence. In the first year, students with B.A. or B.Sc. degrees enter the Diploma in Clinical Psychology and the MA in Psychology. They conduct their master's thesis research, participate in research meetings in their area of specialization, and take courses in statistics/research design, psychological theory, psychopathology, and assessment. During the second year, students take courses in cognitive, behavioural, and other empirically supported treatments, receive practicum training in assessment and psychotherapy in the APC and, typically in the second summer, complete a full-time extramural clinical practicum. At the Ph.D. level, students also conduct their dissertation research, take advanced clinical and research seminars, participate in additional therapy practica, and write their Ph.D. comprehensive examinations. In the final year, students undertake a full-time, predoctoral internship (or two years half-time). Recent students have completed internships at a variety of mental health facilities across Canada and the United States.

For detailed information on course requirements and program sequence, please see below, as well as the Psychology MA, Psychology PhD, and Clinical Psychology Graduate Diploma sections in Concordia's Graduate Calendar.

MA Research and Clinical Training Option

  • Application for accelerated admission to the PhD is available during Year 2 of the MA program
  • Bolded titles & numbers below indicate courses taken as part of the Diploma in Clinical Psychology
Year 1 Central Topics (714), both terms  
Area Seminar I (6440-6470), both terms  
Statis Analysis and Exp Design (601) Multivariate Statistics (734)  
Internal Practicum I (705), both terms  
Diagnostic Eval Practicum (706) Cognitive Eval Practicum (707)  
Intro to Ethics for Clin Psych (7201) Psychomet & Neurocogn Eval (701)  
Personality & Psychopathol (700)   Progress Clin Dip (799)
Year 2 Internal Practicum II (708-710), both terms  
Ethical & Professional Issues (7202), both terms  
Cogn & Behav Interventions (703) Group &Systemic Intervention (704)  
Special Topic Seminar (721-727), both terms Ext Practicum I (711-713)
  Draft of MA Thesis at end of term Progress Clin Dipl (799)

PhD Research and Clinical Training Option
(beginning 2024-2025)

  • A Special Topic Seminar (PSYC 721-727, 3 credits) must be taken at any time in year 1 or 2 of the PhD program
Year 1
Science in Practice (834) Research Seminar I (801) Comp Exam (880)
   Adv Adult Psychopathol (8103) *   OR  Adv Child & Adoles Intervent (8204) *  
Internal Practicum III (823-825), both terms Progress Clin Doct (889)
Year 2 Research Seminar II (802)    
Adv Child & Adoles Psychop (8104) *  OR   Adv Adult Intervention (8203) *  
External Practicum II (838-840), both terms Progress Clin Doct (889)
Year 3 External Practicum III (841-843), both terms Progress Clin Doct (889)
Internship Applications (Aug-Oct) Internship Interviews (Dec-Jan)  
Year 4 Predoctoral Clinical Internship (885), both terms Progress Clin Doct (889)

* Will be offered in Year 1 or Year 2, depending on year of entry into the program.

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