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Clinical training facilities
& external sites

On-campus clinical training facilities

The department's on-campus psychology clinic — the Applied Psychology Centre (APC) — provides graduate students in the clinical training program with comprehensive practicum training in psychological assessment and psychotherapy. Clients at the APC are seen by graduate students under the supervision of clinical faculty. The types of services offered by the APC reflect the interests of clinical supervisors and students, and may include individual, family, or marital psychotherapy, cognitive-behaviour therapy for anxiety or stress, and treatment of child disorders.

External training facilities

Extramural practica, as well as an accredited senior predoctoral internship (Concordia University Psychology Internship Programme) may be carried out in a variety of local hospital settings. Some of the local sites where clinical graduate students are typically placed for external practica include:

McGill Mental Health Service - Clinical Psychology Practicum and Internship Program

The McGill Mental Health Service offers advanced clinical practica and internships to graduate students in Ph.D. Clinical Psychology programs. Our team consists of Psychologists, Psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Practicum students and interns are an integral and valued part of our team and we offer a warm and supportive environment. Given the breadth and depth of our program, we provide an excellent training opportunity for those who eventually want to work in private practice. We provide short and long-term psychological treatment to the undergraduate and graduate population at McGill University. We also have an emergency walk-in service. The population is extremely diverse: we treat clients from different cultural backgrounds and ages. Clients present with a wide range of Axis I and Axis II disorders. Students applying to our program should have a strong interest in the area of Adult/Young Adult mental health.

Royal Victoria Hospital

The Royal Victoria Hospital is a general hospital setting. Within Psychology, there are four distinct training programs, each with its own set of supervisors, seminars and clinical experiences. These programs include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Adult Services Psychology, Sex and Couple Therapy as well as Child/Adolescent Psychology.

Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

This setting is a specialized care hospital in Neurology and the practicum in Psychology is neuropsychological in emphasis. Most patients are assessed in order to determine whether they are suitable candidates for neuro-surgery. A variety of psychomotor and cognitive tests are administered. Both English and French test batteries are used. Neuropsychological assessment is the focus. Clients served include inpatients, epileptic patients, OCD patients, tourette syndrome patients, etc. The ages of clients served range from teenagers to the elderly.

Douglas Hospital

The Douglas Hospital is one of the largest Psychiatric Hospital Centres in Montreal. In addition to in-patients, the centre provides out-patient services through various community clinics and hospital units. It offers a wide range of clinics and services, which serve children, adolescents and adults. Orientations cover psychodynamic, systemic, cognitive, behavioural and psychoeducational.

The Montreal Children's Hospital

The Department of Psychology of The Montreal Children's Hospital offers summer practicum in pediatric and clinical child psychology. The program provides unique opportunities to apply child clinical skills to the prevention or management of psychological problems associated with physical disease or dysfunction. Situated in a major pediatric hospital setting, the practicum offers varied clinical experiences with children (0-18 years) and their families

Sir Mortimer B. Davis-Jewish General Hospital

The SMBD Jewish General Hospital is a general hospital setting serving a wide variety of medical, psychiatric and out-patients. There are several units/services within Psychology that are offered as Practicum placements, primarily at level II. For example, Early Childhood Development Service; Child Psychiatry Day/Evening Hospital; Child and Adolescent (OPD); Youth Service (OPD: age 16-20); Adult Day Treatment; Adult In-Patient; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Couple and Family Therapy; Adult Rehabilitation Service (OPD); Neuropsychology. A range of theoretical orientations are available including Cognitive-Behavioural, Family Systems, and Psychodynamic.

The Montreal General Hospital

The Psychological Services places equal value on individual and group therapy modalities. Trainees are assigned to in-patients, out-patients and emergency room rotations. Equal time is given to Psychological Assessments and Therapeutic intervention activities. Trainees attend seminars and present at academic events. The orientation is Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic.

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