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Undergraduate student association

The Students of History at Concordia (SHAC) is an organization created to protect and advance the interests of Concordia history students.

Although we are not registered as a "peer-helper" group, we do have information on the facilities and organizations that might be able to help students with papers, studying techniques and/or other problems of a more personal nature.  Aside from these functions, SHAC represents all Concordia students registered in a history class.  We have the right to attend and vote at History Department meetings where issues directly affecting students, such as faculty hiring and curriculum, are discussed.  Members of SHAC also represent undergraduate students in hiring committees.

SHAC is also committed to organizing events that bring students and faculty together outside the classroom.  Movie nights, pub nights, meet-and-greet 5 à 7 are all designed so that students can get to know each other as well as the Concordia History community.  Events will be posted on the webpage so come and check out what's going on!

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