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Paisley Conrad

My research is formed by an investment in literal and cultural forms of discard. My current project expands on my SSHRC-funded MA research which analyzes the structural and material qualities of late twentieth and early twenty-first century North American poetries about the polymeric structure of plastic products and waste. As these poets adopt scientific modes of analysis and visualization, I demonstrate how the representation of organic chemical composition through poetic form mobilizes a renewed engagement of science and poetry.

In addition to my research on contemporary poetics, I am invested in the modernist inflections and influences of contemporary autofiction in English.

I am a member of the SSHRC-funded “Situation as a Narrative Concept” working group at Concordia. I am interested in exploring the contours of the poetics of situation through Bernadette Mayer’s long poem Midwinter Day.

I am a research affiliate at the Centre for Expanded Poetics where I consider the productive intersection between plasticity and poetics. In addition to my work at the CEP, I am the current co-Managing Editor of Modernism/Modernity under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Ross (Concordia) and Dr. Alys Moody (Bard).

Outside of Concordia, I am affiliated with the artist collective “Interference Ensemble.” I am participating in their research creation and installation project surrounding the complexities of “utterances.” My articles and poetry reviews have appeared in The New Twenties, Arc Poetry, and This Magazine, and I have forthcoming poetry reviews with Canadian Literature.

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