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Awards, prizes, and activities

The Department of English has several prizes, awards and scholarships to compete for. Our students also regularly win university-wide scholarships.

Undergraduate award deadlines

Undergraduate English Literature Awards

     Thursday, February 8, 2018, 4:00 p.m.

The Gabriel Safdie Awards in Creative Writing

     Thursday, April 5, 2018, 4:00 p.m.

The Ritva Seppanen Award for Professional Writing

     Friday, February 16, 2018, 4:00 p.m.

The Iriving Layton Awards for Creative Writing

     Thursday, February 8, 2018, 4:00 p.m.


Financial aid and awards

Through the Student hub, you can search for bursaries, awards and scholarships available to all students at Concordia. 

The university offers a number of scholarships and grants for which every applicant is considered when completing the application for admission. For them, check the Funding section on the School of Graduate Studies website.  Please consult this database regularly. For each award you are provided with the eligibility information, application procedures, deadlines and so on. While the graduate program director, in coordination with the Graduate Awards Office, will do his or her best to provide students with information about funding opportunities, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to seek out information about fellowships and awards.

In recent years, however, the department has been able to offer one or two more sizeable financial packages per year for outstanding students applying to enter the MA in English full-time in the Fall. Each package consisted of one Faculty of Arts and Science Graduate Fellowship (valued at $7,000) To be considered automatically for such a package, a prospective outstanding applicant should have his/her complete application into the system by January 15 of each year.

University policies on graduate funding evolve each year, but in general students who bring external funding (usually from SSHRC or FQRSC) to the program, qualify automatically for a top-up of their grant (in 2012-13, that amount was set at $6,000). The applicant who receives external funding should promptly inform the Graduate Program Director about that achievement. We strongly encourage prospective applicants to our MA program to apply for external funding (SSHRC or FQRSC) in the Fall prior to considering admission to Concordia.

Teaching Assistantships

A limited number of departmental teaching assistantships are available to qualified applicants undertaking fulltime graduate studies. These are awarded by the Graduate Committee on the basis of the applicant’s academic/creative record, letters of recommendation and experience, including publications and artistic or scholarly awards. The greatest weight is given to the academic or creative record.

Departmental Prizes

The English Department is endowed with the following prizes which are awarded to exceptional graduate students on an annual basis:

The Wynne Francis Award for Graduate Study in Canadian Poetry:

To honour the late Professor Wynne Francis and her significant role in the pioneering of Canadian literary studies, the Department of English established an annual award in her name. The award is granted annually to a graduate student for the best essay on Canadian poetry. The objective of the award is to stimulate interest in the area of studies to which Wynne Francis devoted her teaching and research at Sir George Williams and Concordia Universities. The Rules: A financial award will be granted annually for the outstanding essay on Canadian poetry by a graduate student. To be eligible, the student must be registered in the English Graduate Program at Concordia University. Three copies of the must be submitted to the Graduate Assistant by the deadline. The jury will consist of members of the English Department.

The Amy Menon Marleau Graduate Scholarship

Created in 2008 in loving memory of Amy Menon Marleau.  Open to all full-time graduate students in the Department of English. The scholarship is to be granted through competition on the basis of academic excellence and statement of purpose. If the award committee finds that there are two or more applicants of equal merit, preference will be given to students interested in transnational literature or in questions of cultural encounter and exchange.

Lynne Kassie and Issie Weissglas Graduate Scholarship in English (Creative Writing)  

This award is granted through competition on the basis of academic excellence, and financial need as expressed in the student’s statement describing his/her financial situation and explaining how the scholarship will assist him/her. The scholarship is to be awarded to a full-time student registered in the M.A. English Creative Writing program. The value of the award is dependent on the market value of the endowment.  

Professor Mervin Butovsky Memorial Scholarship

The Scholarship is intended to encourage academic excellence in the fields of English Literature and Jewish Studies.

The Graduate Scholarship shall be awarded to a full-time student pursuing an M.A. in English with preference given to students whose research is in the field of Jewish Studies.

David McKeen Awards

There are two David McKeen Awards, one for creative writing submissions and one award for essay submissions.  Only students entering the second year of their program are eligible. You may only submit to one category.


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